Red Flag Women's Movement (RFWM)

Sri Lanka Country
Asia and the Pacific Region
€ 20,000 Amount
2011 - 2019 Period

Red Flag Women's Movement (RFWM) is made up of women workers in Sri Lanka who are supporting workers on tea and rubber plantations and in the garment and domestic work sectors to take up leadership in trade unions. RFWM is building the capacities of women workers to address women’s labour rights and advocate for the inclusion of issues such as minimum wage and health and safety in government and company policy regulations and in company management.

A €50,000 grant supported an RFWM-organised convening of women garment workers from South Asia and provided training on how they can use the CEDAW treaty to submit cases of violations of women workers’ and human rights. The women garment workers are now working at national levels to file complaints about exploitation in their work environments with the CEDAW committee.