December 11, 2016

Real life Girl Power as a graphic novella - Finka!

In a great graphic novella, Finka Heynemann, a member of Mama Cash grantee partner Ponton, shares her story of frustration that Warsaw’s secondary schools only offered her education on abstinence. Finka saw having control over her own reproductive health and access to safe birth control methods as her human right, but didn’t know where to turn for answers. That’s when the grassroots organisation Ponton offered a two-hour seminar in Finka’s high school that helped her gain the confidence and knowledge to stand up for comprehensive sexual education in Warsaw’s secondary schools. Finka is telling her story to show that girl power is spreading at the grassroots level world- wide: With the right support, girls can trans- form their lives and make lasting change in their communities.

Ponton is a group of volunteer peer educators affiliated with the Federation for Women and Family Planning in Warsaw, Poland. The organisation’s primary focus is sexual education and counseling for teenagers on issues of puberty, contraception and reproductive health. Ponton volunteers visit middle and secondary schools to teach about contraceptives and STIs. Students can also anonymously ask their questions on Ponton’s website, over the phone hotline and by IM. Ponton works to facilitate conver- sations on dif cult topics and provides information absent in Polish schools.

Finka’s story is part of the Grassroots Girls Book Club graphic novella series that depict the true stories of six incredible girls.

Download “Finka – Girl Power In Poland” graphic novella here as a PDF! >>

Finka recorded a short video for all the readers and supporters of this fantastic project – make sure to check it out. The graphic novella has been based on her real life experiences… it’s a must-read!

The Grassroots Girls Initiative members are: American Jewish World Service, EMpower—the Emerging Markets Foundation, Firelight Foundation, Global Fund for Children, Global Fund for Women and Mama Cash

Visit the Grassroots Girls website >>

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