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December 1, 2017

Our voices are strong

Using personal experience to push for change

Based on interviews with fifteen of Mama Cash’s grantee-partners, our report Our Voices Are Strong shows that the power of women, girls and trans people at the helm of self-led organisations lies in their use of direct, personal experience to push for greater inclusion and justice in their communities. Whether they are girl domestic workers in Tanzania, sex workers in Thailand, or lesbian, bisexual and trans people in Ukraine, their powerful strategies for change are rooted in lived experience.

The report also shares recommendations for funders about how to support self-led activism – for example, by providing the flexible, longer-term funding that self-led groups need most and by providing support that strengthens movements, not just individual organisations.

We invite you to read Our Voices Are Strong and learn more about how self-led activist groups are working to secure justice and inclusion.

Read Our Voices Are Strong