Mama Cash Feminist Festival


Celebrate International Women's Day with Mama Cash!

The feminist year starts on March 8th, right? This year we invite you to celebrate International Women’s Day with the Mama Cash Feminist Festival in cities throughout the Netherlands. Expect an evening of debate, art, male nudity and a little dancing too, of course. 

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The Guerrilla Girls are coming to the Mama Cash Festival in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam!

These anonymous feminist activists with their trademark gorilla masks have been staging interventions against sexism and racism in the art world for decades. With their sharp wit and even sharper analyses they hold curators, critics and collectors accountable. On March 8th you’ll have the unique opportunity to hear the Guerrilla Girls speak live and see their work in a pop-up exhibition curated especially for this event in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

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RE#SISTER in WORM (Rotterdam)


From Bach, Mozart and Beethoven to Tiësto, Hardwell, and Skrillex. Is the music industry still just as masculine as when harpsichords were in? How can we bring more diversity in the music industry? And what are the mechanisms that define who is successful or not? Who gets the gigs, the grants, the reviews? We feel feminist action is needed and we welcome you to think, talk and act with us.

At WORM you can explore these questions during a varied, powerful and colourful evening with short talks, three very special performances, an exhibition and a great party to celebrate the power of music, the voice and the body. Oh, and did we mention pizza and cigars? Featuring: Miranda Driessen, Victoria Shen, Manon Van Driel, Lone Taxidermist, the S/ASH GA\\ERY and RE#SISTER DJs.

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Dipsaus in TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht)


What’s your favourite dipping sauce? Ours is spicy, but it’s no mayo: Dipsaus is a biweekly podcast for and by women of colour, and anyone interested in a different kind of conversation. Presented and founded by Anousha Nzume, Ebissé Mourning and Mariam El Maslouhi, Dipsaus is socially critical, culturally interested, and politically involved – and always with a few good laughs.  Listen in on a live recording of the podcast on March 8th in TivoliVredenburg

The question of the hour? Sex! It’s 2018, but when it comes to women and sex there’s still taboos, shame and oppression. What role do different cultural norms play in this? What does #MeToo mean for women and in particular for women of colour? Is it time for a new sexual revolution for women? Dipsaus wants to discuss the do's and don'ts around a beautiful, healthy and satisfying sexual relationship with you and three very special guests. 

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