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Named Funds

If you want your contribution to support a certain aspect of our work or a particular region, we can talk about establishing a donor-advised fund. This is a  personalised way provide longer-term and more significant support to Mama Cash. Private individuals, companies and organisations may create a donor-advised fund. 

Mama Cash invites donors and philanthropic advisors to share with us how they would like their donation to be allocated. We will then use our strategic networks and regional expertise to make sure that funds get to the right place.

You can create a named fund by making a donation through a notary act, by committing to making a recurring donation, or by establishing the named fund in your will. If you are interested in establishing a named fund, Mama Cash will discuss with you in advance your goals for the fund, and the frequency and the size of your donation.

A named fund has several advantages:

  • You make a personal and enduring contribution to a better world for women, girls and trans people.
  • You determine the name, the goal and the duration of your fund.
  • The donation is completely tax deductible.

Mama Cash will provide you a report each year about your fund’s results, and we’ll name your fund, if you wish, in our annual report.

For more information, please contact Sharon Petrie, via email at or by phone: +31 (0)6 30 22 9981.

Here are two examples of donor advised funds:

Judith Anna Vega Fund

In 2018, Judith Vega established the Judith Anna Vega Fund at Mama Cash to strengthen the position, agency and participation of women and women's groups in Africa, Latin America, Asia and in European countries.

Judith Vega: “I have admired Mama Cash from its very beginning, when Marjan Sax initiated it. Having been a donor already for many years, I recently started a Donor advised fund (Fonds op Naam) with Mama Cash, in which I deposited the largest part of an inheritance.”

“Money we don't need ourselves should go to people who do need it.”

“Feminist activities rate highly as deserving of such support, as resistance against feminism still remains, all over the world. I trust Mama Cash to use the money where it can do good work. The Fund is also legatee in my testament, which allows me to carry on my own name for a while, since I  have remained childless. In this way I am also able to honour my father, Abraham Vega, who died long ago. He was a socially engaged Jew who, having survived World War II, resisted racism in any shape. The global outreach of Mama Cash befits that resolve.”

Equality and Sustainability Fund

In 2017, the Equality and Sustainability Fund was established at Mama Cash to support groups around the world that are committed to promoting ecological and sustainable interaction between people, animals and the natural environment.

Groups that:

  • advocate women’s rights to land, access to agricultural land and natural resources
  • focus on access to clean drinking water, food and crops that can be sold in order to provide a livelihood;
  • work on building communities and promote animal welfare;
  • are engaged in combating land degradation caused by climate change, promoting extensive agriculture and preventing major construction and mining projects that affect the living environment, and are committed to changing policies and legislation regarding these issues.
“Money that is donated ... is used for a better world now: not tomorrow, but NOW.”

Kitty's Green Fund 

Kitty: “I have been supporting Mama Cash for a long time now, but after 15 years I wanted to give my donations a bit more ‘direction’. That's why, for the next five years, I am allocating my donation to women who are committed to 'green issues' such as the right to and access to natural resources, conservation, fighting against overexploitation and reducing the impact that mining has on women. I want to encourage women's organisations that are developing initiatives in this area. I am particularly pleased with the fact that money that is donated is spent in the year it is received. As a result, it is used for a better world now: not tomorrow, but NOW.”

Anneke van Baalen/De Bonte Was Fund

Marijke Ekelschot (70) established the Anneke van Baalen/De Bonte Was Fund at Mama Cash. The fund is named for her deceased partner and the feminist press where they both were active. Anneke van Baalen was an important Dutch feminist and is one of the women Mama Cash chose to portray in our (she changed the world) card series which we created several years ago.

“I’ve donated the remaining balance in the account of the press and my own savings to the Anneke van Baalen/De Bonte Was Fund. The money has been earmarked for Africa, a region of the world that I think has maybe received less than its share from Mama Cash.

“It’s a way of indirectly making sure that more ‘tax revenue’ goes to support women’s rights.”

“A fortunate consequence of having established this fund is that by making a yearly gift, my annual tax obligations are substantially reduced. It’s a way of indirectly making sure that more ‘tax revenue’ goes to support women’s rights.

“Of course, the fund is also a special way to commemorate Anneke and her work. You can read about Anneke and De Bonte Was at the website It’s an historically-oriented (Dutch) site, but I hope that it also provides inspiration and feminist ideas that are useful in the present.”

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