December 19, 2016

My Body - a poem

Amanda Gigler
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Amanda Gigler

Inspired by the #MyBodyisMine campaign, Amanda Gigler – head of philanthropic partnerships at Mama Cash – wrote a poem.

Feminists have protested war and militarism for many years, many decades, many centuries. I met women peace activists from Colombia when I was part of feminist movements in Barcelona. They spoke of the body as a territory of peace. When women’s bodies are systematically used as just another place for soldiers and mercenaries to act out violence and wage war, we say “NO!” We take our bodies back and own them, care for them, enjoy them.

We decide that we want to live peace actively. Our bodies are territories for active nonviolence. And, thus, activism itself becomes a peaceful act, even when it is filled with energy and sound! It was in this spirit that I wrote the following poem. I hope it brings you peace.

Painting: “Hermosa” by Ana Kala, 2016 


My body is a revolution

This body of work

This body electric



My body is a battlefield

This landscape dotted

With struggle and change



My body is a temple

This celestial dance

Millennia surround us



My body is mine

My body is mine

My body.


Amanda M. Gigler

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