Money and Movements

In 2018, the Count Me In! Consortium hosted activists & funders to strategise about the future of resourcing feminist movements and social change globally in Naivasha, Kenya.

The Money and Movements Convening brought together 100 participants, including leading women’s, girls, trans and intersex activists from around the world and funders from a variety of sectors (governments, UN, public and private foundations, women’s funds, etc.). Collectively, we work across a range of issues, including women’s rights, sex workers' rights, LBQTI rights, youth, environmental and economic justice, health and more.


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We want to create a future in which feminist movements led by women, girls, trans & intersex people are strong, resilient and thriving.

On this page you'll find public resources, reports and other learnings related to the Money and Movements Convening. 


Public Resources

Latest articles and reports

Money and Movements graphic report (CMI! Consortium) En|Es|Fr

Good practices and lessons learned from the diverse funding modalities in the field of women’ s rights and gender equality: the Dutch exampleWomen’s Rights and Gender Equality Task Force, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Why we need a feminist funding ecosystem En | Es | FrAngelika Arutyunova, AWID

Sex Workers are Feminists Too- Nadia van der Linde, Red Umbrella Fund

Future scenarios

Future scenarios En | Es | Fr

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