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Meet the 2017 Spark Grantee-partners

Consent Matters
Born out of the Feminist Society of the University College Maastricht, this initiative aims to change the culture of sexual harassment both within the university and beyond. The group has successfully lobbied for changes in policy regarding sexual harassment and assault at both the university and municipal levels in Maastricht. This grant will enable the group working on this initiative to develop a lobbying toolkit for similar groups in other municipalities, and to build an online platform to publish and share research about sexual harassment and assault.

Daughters of Ivory
A group of queer Black women in Amsterdam, Daughters of Ivory is inspired by ‘Sister Outsider’, a book club for queer Black women organised in the 1980s by Gloria Wekker, Professor Emeritus of Gender Studies at Utrecht University and author of White Innocence: Paradoxes of Race and Colonialism. This grant will allow the group to pay for its meeting space and purchase materials needed to develop its activities.

A group of queer refugees in the Netherlands, Sehaq serves as a support network. It also aims to make male-dominated queer and migrant spaces more inclusive. To this end, the group organises both closed meetings for queer refugees only and open meetings that allies are welcome to attend. This grant will allow the group to subsidise the travel costs to meetings for refugees living outside of Amsterdam.

Decolonise the Museum
This collective stages interventions in ‘an effort to confront the colonial ideas and practices present in ethnographic museums up until this day’. Through events, campaigns and other activities, Decolonize the Museum critiques, educates and challenges museums on the language, imagery and accessibility of their exhibitions.

New Urban Collective
The New Urban Collective will use this grant to organise four ‘self-care’ dinners for anti-racist activists. These dinners will allow a core group of women who organised the anti-Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) demonstrations over the last several years to reflect on and process the (often violent) experiences they have had while organising.

Pink Melanin
This online network of bicultural LGBTQ women in the Netherlands consists of a closed Facebook group that serves as a digital community and safe space for its members. This grant will enable its members to organise an event to meet up, network and build community in person.

Stichting Kulan Krimpen
This group of refugee women and children in the Rotterdam area meets weekly and sometimes organises larger events for the wider Muslim community (such as Eid parties).

Stichting Rainbow Den Haag/ The Hang-Out 070
The Hang Out 070 (also known as the ‘living room’) is the only group for and by LGBTQ youth with different ethnic backgrounds in the Hague area. The group organises workshops, movie nights, discussions and other events to create a community and safe space for its members.

Stichting Stem op een Vrouw
Stem op een Vrouw (Vote for a Woman) is an initiative, launched in the run-up to the Dutch parliamentary elections in March, which aims to increase the representation of women in politics. This grant will support their mobilising efforts around the Dutch municipal elections in 2018.

University of Colour
This intersectional anti-racist collective began during the 2015 student protests and occupation at the University of Amsterdam. By organising events, participating in public debate, and supporting anti-racist activism in the Netherlands, the collective aims to ‘decolonise’ higher education in Amsterdam. This project involves ‘creating a more balanced curriculum that includes non-Eurocentric perspectives’ and diversifying the student body, staff and management of universities.

A not-for-profit online platform which publishes feminist analyses of media, pop culture and politics, Vileine stands out among the few Dutch-language feminist platforms for having the widest reach and impact and for its cheeky but critical and unapologetic tone. This grant will support the development of a new strategy for 2018–2019.

What the Fuck Queer Wednesdays
This weekly party celebrates visible queer cultural diversity in Vrankrijk, an autonomous social and performance space in Amsterdam. This grant will contribute to supporting a community-building activity for the team of volunteers who organise and staff the party.