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Mariëlle Lindeboom is Mama Cash’s notarial advisor

“Anyone who wishes to include Mama Cash in their will can go to any notary to make the arrangements. Mama Cash's donors are generally women who know what they want and who understand money. However, some donors like to discuss all the possibilities for their will before going to the notary. And that is where I come in. 

Together with Janine van Doorn, I regularly sit down with donors who are considering the inclusion of Mama Cash in their will. I help them to think about what they want and to understand what is possible.

In addition, I monitor the settlement of estates in which Mama Cash receives a share or bequest. I then liaise with notaries, executors and next of kin. Sometimes my involvement goes even further, such as when people designate Mama Cash as their sole heir and executor. In that case, I handle the entire estate in the way the donor intended."

"I love this work: making sure that donors can leave a gift to Mama Cash with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of."

Are you considering donating your estate, or part of it, to Mama Cash but would like more information before moving ahead? Please do not hesitate to contact Janine van Doorn, Mama Cash’s expert on legacies, at or 020 - 5158745. Together with our notarial advisor Mariëlle Lindeboom, she will be happy to give you all the information you need to make a well-considered decision.