February 26, 2018

Mama Cash Feminist Festival in collaboration with Dipsaus at TivoliVredenburg


On March 8th, Mama Cash will be marking International Women’s Day with events in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

The programme in Utrecht is being organized in collaboration with the podcast Dipsaus and the cultural venue TivoliVredenburg. In the summer of 2017 TivoliVredenburg organized an event for children with the theme ‘Cowboys and Indians’ and subsequently faced criticism from the anti-racist activist group De Grauwe Eeuw for trivializing the genocide of the Native American, First Nations and Indigenous Peoples of North America and appropriating elements of their culture. Mama Cash welcomes all public debate about racism, cultural appropriation and white supremacy. “There is much we need to unlearn in our societies to become more equal and just. We take a step towards dismantling patriarchy and white supremacy each time someone challenges us to notice sexism and racism, and we respond by listening and engaging,” says Zohra Moosa, executive director of Mama Cash.

Mama Cash funds and supports feminist and anti-racism activism led by women, girls, trans and intersex people around the world and in the Netherlands. Mama Cash also welcomes the public debate that arises from the courage of activists who speak out against oppressive systems and behavior. We collectively move toward social justice when people and institutions are willing to recognize and learn from their mistakes. TivoliVredenburg has acknowledged their error in choosing this theme and has started a process of internal reflection and learning. This has led Dipsaus and Mama Cash to decide to continue to collaborate with TivoliVredenburg. During the Mama Cash Feminist Festival on March 8th, an episode of the podcast Dipsaus will be recorded with a live audience. Dipsaus is a Dutch podcast made by and for women of colour, founded and presented by Anousha Nzume, Ebissé Rouw en Mariam El Maslouhi. For this episode they will have a conversation about sex and sexuality, focusing on the specific experiences of women of colour. For details of the programme please see the website.

Finally, we would like to address factually incorrect reporting in De Telegraaf and other media: at no time has Dipsaus threatened to pull out of the Mama Cash Feminist Festival. Both parties are excited about the partnership and look forward to our joint event on International Women's Day.

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