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Maaike Meijer supports Mama Cash, during her life and afterwards

Maaike Meijer

"I have known Mama Cash for a long time; some of my closest friends were behind this extraordinary initiative. What appeals to me most is that Mama Cash focuses explicitly and exclusively on women. Women draw the short end of the straw all around in the world, and when there is inequality I think you have to radically side with those who have fewer rights.

Mama Cash focuses on increasing the say of women and has a direct line to the very best women's initiatives in the world. She works to empower women, but also consistently incorporates issues of sexuality, homosexuality, trans rights, and sexual rights into all of her programmes - something I fully support. All those things combined are why I think Mama Cash is fantastic and why I am such a great admirer. I support her with all my heart.

I donate to Mama Cash on a regular basis. I have also put her at the centre of my will. I really like the idea of leaving something behind when my life is over. It is always slightly unpleasant to talk about your own departure, but it is realistic to prepare for it! I think giving to an organisation like Mama Cash contributes to a happier end of life, as you die more comfortably knowing that your money is going to a great cause."

"You can really make a difference with a legacy. Not just financially, but spiritually as well. This will be my last gift to the world."

Would you like more information?

Are you considering donating your estate, or part of it, to Mama Cash, just like Maaike Meijer, but would like more information before moving ahead? Please do not hesitate to contact Janine van Doorn, Mama Cash’s expert on legacies, at or 020 - 5158745. Together with our notarial advisor Mariëlle Lindeboom, she will be happy to give you all the information you need to make a well-considered decision.