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Learning for change

Feminist knowledge is powerful. The more we know, the more we can achieve. Thanks to the groups and movements we support, we know how change happens.


It starts when women, girls, and trans people come together to understand their situation, identify solutions and act collectively. With sufficient resources and support, women’s, girls', trans and intersex rights groups can put an end to injustices, claim their rights and profoundly change their communities, their countries and the world.

Mama Cash funds feminist activism, because we have seen it work. We constantly strive to ensure that our strategies and practices are calibrated to achieve the best results. We capture and demonstrate our own impact and that of the groups and movements we support. With knowledge and data in hand, we encourage other donors to join us in investing in women’s, girls’, trans and intersex rights organising. 


We track impact on norms and behaviour, laws and policies, and decision-making processes. We also monitor changes in the ability of our women’s funds partners to mobilise and increase resources for feminist activism.

What does our data tell us about the impact of funding feminist activism? Is our theory of change still valid? Do our assumptions hold true? These are some of the questions we ask in periodic internal evaluations. We also regularly survey grantee-partners and applicants to find out from them how we are doing and how we can best support them. This information helps us improve how we work.

Mama Cash spreads our data and analysis widely. We share what we’ve learned with feminist activists and women’s funds to further strengthen their activism. We also provide peers in the donor community with solid evidence about the impact of women’s, girls', trans and intersex rights organising.


End Term Review

CEP Survey Results

Resourcing Feminist Activism