December 3, 2015

Hala El Sharouny: Egyptian Expressionist Art at Mama Cash

In November 2015, Mama Cash was gifted a painting from RNW Media, by the Egyptian expressionist artist Hala El Sharouny. The young artist addresses contemporary issues such as women and society in her work, often adding a twist of humour. She is a professional freelance artist and has also done political graffiti surrounding the revolution in Egypt.

The painting “Untitled” was featured in RNW’s Love Matters “Without Barriers” graffiti exhibition in Cairo in October. The exhibition included the work of thirteen Egyptian street artists and centred around the theme of intimacy and relationships. The intention of the exhibition was to spread information and ideas about sensitive topics in the Arab world, and to give young Egyptian artists a safe platform to express themselves.

El Sharouny expressed that it has been a struggle to make a name for herself in the art world, due to corruption and the mentality of influential people in the world of art and culture. “Without Barriers” offered her and other artists a space to get their messages across and raise their profile in the art world. The interaction and workshopping with contemporaries was also very important.

Mama Cash would like to thank RNW media for their generous gift. We are excited to display El Sharouny’s art on our walls!

Read more about El Sharouny and “Without Barriers” on RNW’s website.

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