#VierEenVrouw giveaway - the prizes

Hallo witte mensen - by Anousha Nzume.

In April 2017, Dipsaus co-founder Anousha Nzume published “Hallo Witte Mensen,” a book in which she explains how white privilege in the Netherlands work. Written in clear and accessible language, and engaging specifically with the Dutch history and context, this book is the perfect tool for navigating those difficult conversations. A must read for all those interested in learning about whiteness and using their privilege for anti-racism!

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Lilith eats an apple - by Marilyn Sonneveld.

Marilyn Sonneveld is an artist, illustrator and co-founder of sexual education platform Wipsite. For the second year now, Sonneveld has created the design for the Mama Cash Feminist Festival.

Mama Cash gives one of Sonneved´s works away, called ´Lilith eats an apple´. This is what Sonneveld wrote about this work:

"Lilith the first woman on earth, created together with Adam on the Sixth Day and from the same materials. Lilith was created independently from and equal to Adam, and this led to promblems. Adam tried to make Lilith lie beneath him during sexual intercourse. Lilith would not meet this demand of male dominance. She flew away and meanwhile Adam had been provided with a new mate in the form of Eve, who was fashioned from his rib in the hope that this would bind her more dutifully to him."

A signed print of ‘Lilith eats an apple’ could be yours!

A pussy pendant by Denise Rosenboom.

Denise Rosenboom is an artist and illustrator whose work is driven by unrest and the fear of dreams unfulfilled. Using various materials and techniques from the graphic arts, Rosenboom mostly creates two-dimensional work – until now.

Rosenboom creates 'pussy pendants' necklaces that like much of her work aren’t afraid of being a bit bizarre and slightly confrontational. Because Rosenboom makes them by hand, each is unique – like their real-life counterparts! Rosenboom was inspired by Mama Cash's work and so donated some pendants to give away.

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Guerrilla Girls

In 1985, a group of female artists reached a peak in their frustration with the art world in New York when an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art included 165 artists but only 17 women. Together they decided to channel their energy into something transformative, and founded the activist group the Guerrilla Girls. With masks and the names of dead female artists as aliases, they have maintained their anonymity while staging public interventions in the art world for decades now.

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