Women's Funds

Fondo de Mujeres Bolivia (Apthapi Jopueti)

Bolivia Country
Latin American and the Caribbean Region
€ 47,500 Amount
2010 - 2016 Period

The Bolivian women’s fund Apthapi Jopueti provides small grants throughout the country to grassroots women’s groups engaged in women’s rights activities. This grant provides support for a transition process within the fund as it identifies and builds new executive leadership, and as it strengthens its networks with locally based donors and women's rights movements.

A second grant of €25,500 contributed to the annual meeting of Prospera member funds based in Latin America. It also contributed to a one-day meeting of the Executive Directors of Latin American women’s funds to share lessons learned during a capacity-building project designed to promote organisational sustainability.

Fondo de Mujeres Bolivia
Fondo de Mujeres Bolivia