March 1, 2018

Feminist Festival #VierEenVrouw and win!

Mama Cash
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Mama Cash

Dear friends,

As International Women’s Day approaches, we have been taking time to reflect on the women in our lives who we admire and respect. After all, March 8th is nothing if not a celebration of all that women have accomplished and all they continue to achieve!

To share this celebration, we are giving away some awesome gifts - all creations by the women that inspire us and who you can see on the Mama Cash Feminist Festival.

Learn more about the prizes >>>


How does it work?

We are sharing the name of a woman (or group of women!) who inspire us – and we invite you to join us! In just a few minutes you can become a part of what we hope will be a viral movement by March 8th.

How can I win?!

All you have to do is:

  • Create a sign with the name of a woman or women you celebrate. Get as creative as you like!
  • Make a GIF/Boomerang or picture of yourself with the sign.
  • Share this on Instagram and/or Facebook. In the caption, share your reason for celebrating this woman/women
  • Use the hashtag #VierEenVrouw and #MamaCash

Winners will be announced on social media on Monday, March 12th.

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