Call for Consultants: Writer and knowledge broker

An exciting opportunity to support Mama Cash develop our knowledge building and knowledge translation for advocacy! Applications due 18 August 2019.
As a funder of feminist activism, Mama Cash is in a strong position to gather and analyse data and translate it into knowledge that advances feminist advocacy, movement building and resource mobilisation. We have worked for many years to put learning at the heart of our donor influencing work, and in 2018, the Research, Knowledge and Advocacy (RKA) team was created to give dedicated space to this work. Mama Cash’s goal is to be a trusted conduit of knowledge and experience on resourcing feminist activism. Over the coming year, we are bringing an increased focus to ensuring that the research and knowledge production we do is translated and disseminated to reach and persuade our target audiences. This is an opportunity for a skilled and experienced writer/knowledge professional to join our team and contribute to shaping our knowledge building and translation work over the coming year.

The successful applicant will work with the RKA team to develop our knowledge-building and -translation work. See below a Request for Quote (RFQ) for a one-year consultancy to contribute to this work beginning inSeptember 2019. The key responsibilities of this consultancy will be to:

  • Initiate, develop and implement knowledge translation strategies, identify appropriate formats and channels for target audiences, and write and disseminate knowledge products;
  • Support the RKA and Communications teams in sourcing research and data, as needed, and summarising it for advocacy, fundraising and communications purposes; 
  • Contributing to cross-team work between Mama Cash's RKA and Communications teams.

 Read the Request for Quote