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February 26, 2015

Briefing: Why fund women's funds?

Investing well in the right places

Mama Cash believes that a strong global architecture of women’s funds is a key strategy to build powerful, effective and sustainable women’s rights movements in all corners of the globe.  As the first international women’s fund, Mama Cash has played an important and active role in the promotion and support of a growing number of women’s funds around the world.

Mama Cash has created a briefing on how best to fund women's, girls' and trans* rights groups and movements to achieve lasting social change, and how working with women's funds can help.

Supporting feminist groups and movements is the most effective and lasting route to ending the inequality and injustice experienced by many millions of women, girls and trans people around the world. Our work over thirty years has taught us that:

  1. Collective action by women, girls and trans people is what has, is and will continue to change the world so that they and others affected by injustice can exercise their rights.
  2. Women’s, girls’ and trans people’ rights groups and movements are effectively organising and empowering women, girls and trans people to mount this collective action.
  3. Women’s funds are uniquely positioned to get the right resources to these groups and movements to achieve their goals.

An expanding body of external evidence confirms the critical role of collective action, women’s groups and movements, and women’s funds to advancing women’s rights and gender equality. However, resources have not yet caught up to this reality. More (adequate quantity) and better (appropriate quality) resources are necessary if women’s funds are to bring our efforts to scale and ultimately succeed in supporting social change movements to fully realise women’s, girls’ and trans* people’s rights.

Download Mama Cash's briefing
‘Investing well in the right places: why fund women’s funds?’