June 19, 2018

An invitation from Beyoncé

As the story always goes, June 19th began like any other day. It was just an ordinary Tuesday at the office - nothing particularly special planned or anticipated. Until... 

We received the phone calls of all phone calls. 

And that, friends, is a phone call from Beyoncé. 

Well, to be more specific, from Beyoncé's team, who had been asked to research feminist organisations in the Netherlands. 

You see, Beyoncé (and her husband) were scheduled to perform in the Amsterdam ArenA as part of their On The Run II World Tour that very night. And she wanted local feminists front and center. Her research team got in-formation which led them to us: we came "very highly recommended."

Needless to say, for many of our staff experiencing a Beyoncé concert - as VIP guests, at that - was a dream come true. But the icing on the cake was that since we received more tickets than we have staff, we were able to invite friends of Mama Cash, from grantee-parters to artists we collaborate with to former colleagues. Being able to share this joyful night of dancing, singing and laughter in community with all of these allies and friends was truly the best part.

We feel very lucky and grateful that someone with such a huge platform used some of those privileges and resources to recognise the work we do to support feminist movements worldwide. In comparison with other social justice and human rights work, feminist organisations tend to receive less resources and less opportunities to participate in public debate and decision-making. That's why recognition is an intangible but invaluable resource in our field - it's the place from which other forms of support, financial and otherwise, begin to flow. Some may say, the lemons with which we can make lemonade.

So once again, a huge thank you to Beyoncé and her team for the best possible shout-out this feminist fund could wish for!

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