March 15, 2017

2016 at a glance

Exciting news: our annual report summary for 2016 is here!

Our grantmaking is inspired by the conviction that groups of women, girls and trans people, working together and with the right support, can bring about profound social change.

In 2016, we gave 147 grants to 136 women’s, girls and trans groups and women’s funds in 65 countries worldwide. 

With approximately 5.3 million euro given in grants, our grantmaking increased by 56%.

Take a look at our annual report summary 2016 >>

Thank you!

We are deeply grateful to everyone who supported Mama Cash and our grantees in 2016. Your generosity means that women’s, girls’, and trans people’s groups and women’s funds all over the world can continue their work to advance their rights and change the world. We also thank our grantees whose work and activism inspire us tremendously.

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