Our staff

Mama Cash can count on more than 35 very motivated and dedicated staff members and some volunteers. Meet our management team and the staff members per department.

her management team

her programmes team

  • Photo-Ellen-Ambags

    Ellen Ambags (NL)

    Programme associate for women's funds

  • Saartje-ProfilePhoto web

    Saartje Baes (BE)

    Programme associate for East, South & Southeast Asia and Oceania

  • Ireen Dubel (NL)

    CMI! Advocacy Advisor

  • Annie Hillar (US)

    Senior programme officer for Women's Funds

  • Barbara Lotti (NL)

    Programme officer Money

  • Shikha Sethia

    Shikha Sethia (IN)

    Interim programme officer Money

  • Tamara Pels Idrobo (EC)

    programme associate for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Esther Lever (NL)

    Senior programme officer for Influencing

  • Chantelle de Nobrega (SA)

    Interim programme officer for Body

  • Sanne-Rezk-web

    Sanne Rezk – van der Haar (NL)

    Programme associate for Africa and West Asia

  • Sophia-Sakahnberidze-web

    Sophia Sakhanberidze (GE)

    Programme Associate for Europe, Central and North Asia

  • Erika Sales

    Erika Sales (PH)

    Programme officer Money-environmental justice

  • Arja-Schreij-web

    Arja Schreij (NL)

    Programme officer for Learning and Evaluation

  • Vanina-Serra-web

    Vanina Serra (IT)

    Programme officer Voice

  • Daphne Zwaaneveld (NL)

    CMI! Programme coordinator

her philanthropic partnerships and communications team

  • Sarah van Brussel (NL)

    Communications officer

  • Sunny-Daly-web

    Sunny Daly (US)

    Officer for philanthropic partnerships

  • Janine van Doorn (NL)

    Donor relations associate

  • Emma Herman (NL)

    Senior officer for communications and outreach

  • Susan-Jessop-web

    Susan Jessop (US)

    Senior officer for content development

  • Mirte Kockeltoren

    Mirte Kockelkoren (NL)

    Online fundraiser

  • Staff member photo Hadewych

    Hadewych Lammers (NL)

    Senior officer for individual donor relations

  • Ivens-Reis-Reyner

    Ivens Reis Reyner (BR)

    Officer for philanthropic partnerships

  • Sophia Seawell (US/BE)

    Interim Communications Associate

  • Baya Sharkaeva (RU/NL)

    Senior officer for philanthropic partnerships

her finance and operations team

  • SI-Phi-Kutzenberger-web

    Si-Phi Kutzenberger (AT)

    Executive officer

  • Ellen-van-Steenis-web

    Ellen van Steenis (NL)

    Office Manager

  • Sophie Buvelot (NL)

    Senior Officer for Human Resources

  • Kim ()

    Office associate

  • Delia

    Delia Leertouwer (NL)

    Finance and administration officer

  • Gil-Levy-web

    Gil Levy (NL)

    Data management & reporting officer

  • Gina-Plat-web

    Gina Plat (NL)

    IT Officer

  • Martijn Kager (NL)

    Interim Senior Officer for Finance and Operations

  • Mojgan Hajmalek

    Mojgan Hajmalek (NL)

    Interim Office Management

red umbrella fund

  • Nadia-van-der-linde-web

    Nadia van der Linde (NL)

    Red Umbrella Fund coordinator

  • Louise LaFleur Web pic

    Louise LaFleur (CA)

    Red Umbrella Fund Associate

  • Dennis-van-Wanrooij-web

    Dennis van Wanrooij (NL/BR)

    Red Umbrella Fund Associate