Mobilising Resources

Adamant about Fundraising   

Mama Cash was founded by five feminist activists who were critical of the power associated with money but who were, at the same time, convinced of the radical potential of women controlling resources. In the years since our inception, we have been adamant and vocal about our unique position as not only a grantmaking organisation, but also a fundraiser.

Donors & Women’s Rights

Mama Cash raises its entire budget each year from institutional and individual donors. These generous, committed donors not only provide our income, they are also allies and partners in supporting women’s rights movements.

Support from institutional donors – foundations, governments, and the Dutch Postcode Lottery – provides a crucial source of funding. Our institutional donors add value to Mama Cash’s work. We network, exchange information and share knowledge to strengthen our collective efforts to support justice, gender equality and human rights organisations worldwide.

We can see the growing impact of Mama Cash’s work with women’s organisations around the world. So if we can provide financial support to them, we know women’s groups will be mobilising more, collaborating more, sharing knowledge, and building their capacity. We truly believe in this kind of collaboration – Judith Lingeman,  head of the Charities department of the Dutch Postcode Lottery

Mama Cash’s feminist fundraising is also made possible by more than 6,000 women and men who donate and raise money for our work. They are often inspired to support women’s, girls’ and trans rights because of their own activism or commitment to social change.

 ‘I have done everything in my power to improve the position of women… That is why I believe that Mama Cash is such a good organisation, because she chooses to stimulate women to become independent.’

— Leni, an individual donor who put Mama Cash in her will

The generous financial support of individual and institutional donors makes the broad spectrum of Mama Cash’s work possible. It also enables us to fund groups of women, girls and trans people in innovative and responsive ways that are tailored to our grantees’ needs.

Beyond the Cash

Mama Cash’s fundraising efforts to extend beyond raising the income needed to do our own work. We also seek to influence the funding policies of other donors and, in doing so, to leverage additional resources for initiatives that fight for the rights of women girls, and trans people.