The work of the Red Umbrella Fund

Our Work


The Red Umbrella Fund provides grants to support four types of activities to sex worker-led organizations and initiatives (including to organizations that are registered or not registered in their country:

1. Start up funds for informal groups to become legal entities;
2. Multi-year, core funding ;
3.Funds to support peer-led capacity building and exchanges;
4.Emergency grants with capacity for immediate response.

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance:

The Red Umbrella Fund also provides opportunities and grants for sex worker-led organizations to strengthen the capacity of grantee organizations stressing peer-to-peer mentoring in such areas as (but not limited to):

  • Organizational development and management;
  • Program development and implementation;
  • Resource mobilization;
  • Registration assistance;
  • Advocacy and communications skills;
  • Information dissemination;
  • Monitoring and evaluation skills.

Communications and advocacy:

The structures and individuals participating in the Red Umbrella Fund will formally and publicly contribute to the broader advocacy aims of the collaboration. At a minimum, this means that the Red Umbrella Fund will serve as a platform for a collective voice to:

  • Recognize sex work as work;
  • Speak out against criminalization and other legal oppressions of sex workers;
  • Provide nuanced critique of the anti-trafficking paradigm; Advocate for universal access to health services;
  • Speak out about violence against sex workers, especially from state officers;
  • Oppose human rights abuses: coercive programming, mandatory testing, and forced rehabilitation;
  • Challenge stigma and discrimination against sex workers, our partners, our families, and others involved in sex work;
  • Advocate for economic empowerment and social inclusion of sex workers as sex workers.

Resource Mobilization:

Through advocacy, communications, and demonstrating evidence-based approaches to advancing the human rights of sex workers, a key function of the Red Umbrella Fund is to attract additional resources to the field of sex worker rights.